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Are there any ActivityPub servers that implement and federate presence statuses for actors (online/offline)?

#ActivityPub #mastodev


I'm missing out on what? Not being annoyed by these update reminders?

Ilya :twittercheck:

@grishka упускаешь возможность получать еще больше уведомлений о необходимости обновиться


You know your rebrand is stupid when even those who did decide to embrace it still feel the need to clarify that it was "formerly known as Twitter" because the readers would otherwise be confused.


In case you want to elevate your programming skills a bit:


Working on private messages in #Smithereen and I'm wondering how much sense CWs make for them. From Mastodon's PoV, "private messages" are just posts. They thus share all the same properties. In my implementation, however, messages are distinct from posts, both in the UI and in the database. In my UI I don't have anywhere to display that content warning as a spoiler without it being super awkward. I can use it as a subject line however 🤔

Any thoughts?

#activitypub #mastodev


Are there any #ActivityPub servers that implement read receipts for direct messages, or is this something I'll have to do myself?

Shlee fucked around and

@grishka “DMs don’t exist in the ecosystem” so I think you’d need to do it yourself. Talk with Dansup maybe?


Am I going to hell for this?


The idea behind this query is to find out how many friends' friends with a certain domain there are, for the purpose of enforcing privacy settings when you only know the domain of the server that is making a request for something.


Now that I'm about to introduce another ActivityPub extension, I'm thinking that I should first write the documentation, and only then start with the code. This way I'll be forced to think through all the edge cases *before* any code is already written with all the wrong assumptions.

Yury Molodtsov

@grishka DDD – Documentation-driven development


The posts from accounts I don't follow on Threads are getting ever more infuriating. They drown out the posts from people I do follow. Following someone seems to be merely a suggestion to them.

I'm not open to discovering new "content" from people I don't know, for fuck's sake. ActivityPub support can't come soon enough. I'll just follow everyone from my server and never open that app again.

( . )( . )

@grishka I believe it was predictable considering the amount of recommended content in ig and fb.


That whole "threadiverse" word, it hasn't aged well, has it


"future versions" 🤔🤔


In the usual Meta style, the thing puts posts from people I don't follow into my feed


On the subject of Reddit API shutdown — why is adversarial interoperability not a thing any more? Why does everyone play by the rules these days?

Many years ago, ICQ was the most popular IM service around me, but almost no one used the crappy official clients. Most people have never even seen them. The protocol was reverse engineered and documented and the 3rd-party client scene flourished.

What happened to this attitude? Is it because of the mobile app stores?


@grishka i think for a lot of people the official apps are just fine.


@grishka can't use the protocol/API if it's authenticated and only returning information with the right token. The alternative is web scraping. But that's likely to fail even with UI changes.


@grishka, смотри, сейчас всё делается для юзеров Айфона. Вышла новая фича iOS = все приложения до релиза нового iPhone или iOS ещё в бета-версии ос делают эту фичу.

А что с Android: тот же Mir Pay только через 2-3 месяца после релиза свежей версии Android'а оптимизируют работу под эту ОС.

Или вот пример: Яндекс и ВКонтакте, в Android 13 Google кардинально поменяла плеер в статус-баре, а они до сих пор не адаптировали свои приложения под Android 13.

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